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 WARNING: This 42 Day Program Will Build The Strongest And Leanest Physique You've Ever Had.
6 Weeks To REAL Results
  • Build Muscle: Program design backed by science and used by elite athletes to pack on pounds of muscle.
  • Build Strength: Progressions built in each week to keep you advancing and your muscles getting stronger.
  • Burn Fat: Metabolic conditioning sessions and "Grinder" workouts are included to get you shredded.
  • Recover Faster: Special recovery sessions are built in each week to keep you feeling great and progressing faster.
For years going to the gym was a constant back and forth between "Bulking" to get strong and "Cutting" to get lean....
Not anymore. 
In 6 Weeks you will be...
What if in 42 Days you could be the LEANEST and STRONGEST you've ever been?  

Gone are the days of bulking for strength and cutting to finally see those abs that have been hiding under layers of unwanted fat.  Finally build strength and reveal those abs simultaneously!

Get 42 Days of done-for-you training for just $59.99 $29.99

Here Is What You Get:
  • 42 Days Of Done For You Workouts To Build Strength and Burn Fat Simultaneously
  • The Strong & Shredded Nutrition Plan To Keep You Lean While Getting You Strong
  • ​The Confidence In Knowing You’ve Got A Proven And Tested Plan
What’s next?
Download The Strong & Shredded In Six Ebook
Get 42 Days of done-for-you training for just $59.99 $29.99
What Equipment Do I need?
Access to a gym facility is required. There are
substitutions available for specialty equipment
like sandbags.

How many days a week do you train?
The program is for 7 days of training each week with 2 of those days as active recovery.

What if I don't know an exercise?
You can post any questions inside of the private Facebook coaching group. 

Is this program for a beginner?
The program is customizable to for different abilities but you should have some training experience.

What does a typical workout look like?
There are 5 parts to each workout: 
Prepare: Warm Up/Feel Good
Build: Strength
Refine: Bodybuilding/Definition
Endure: Shredded Conditioning
Recover: Cool Down/Feel Great

Get Strong & Shredded For $59.99 $29.99
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